Funding for Global Learning: UK versus Europe

Earlier this year a report was published by CONCORD on Global Citizenship Education in Europe. It questioned why the level of investment by national governments remains limited, despite many people recognising Global Citizenship Education (GCE) as being a powerful tool to resolve the current global challenges our world is facing. Based on research across all EU Member States (+ Norway), this publication shows the level of funding dedicated to Global Citizenship Education in Europe between 2011 and 2015. For those interested in global learning, it is worth reading particularly as we in the UK face major funding challenges in this sector. Some points of interest raised by this research include:

  • The funding issues for ‘Global Citizenship Education/Development Education’ seen in the UK are mirrored across Europe.
  • Funding for Development Education in Europe is in a phase of stagnation – with little change since 2010
  • As in the UK, funding across Europe is primarily through ministries of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Offices or through government aid, and generally not through Ministries of Education. This raises the question as to whether Global Citizenship Education is not seen as being a needed 21st century skill.  Further to this, do national governments not see Global Citizenship Education/Development Education as a relevant concept in the context of their politics and policies? If not then why is this, and what role and influence do we in the charity sector have in responding to this?
  • The Report suggests that there is much to be done in terms of:
    • mapping concepts, terms and understanding views on Global Citizenship Education
    • partnership building across sectors and stakeholders
    • advocating for multisectoral funding responsibility

We at Think Global continue to actively build partnerships across our extended network, and advocate for multi-sector funding to promote global learning in the UK.

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