Free training: Positive development stories for your classroom

Amy West, Programme Manager at Think Global, invites teachers to join a free, online twilight training session.

2015 is The European Year of Development (EYD). The EYD seeks to increase understanding of the progress that has been made in development, inspire young people to take part in conversation and encourage them to take action. At Think Global, we have been working on this through thinking about how we bring positive development stories in to our classrooms.

I wonder if we sometimes forget to reflect back, and remember the progress that has been made globally since the Millennium Development Goals were introduced in September 2000? In the media we are often faced with quite stereotypical images about poverty, and our pupils may receive incomplete messages about global issues across the world. Although it’s important to critique the reality of these challenges with our pupils, it’s also important that we keep sharing the progress that is being made. There is still lots of work to be done to eradicate global poverty, but there are many positive stories about how communities are progressing! As teachers, I think we have a responsibility to make sure that these stories are shared with our pupils too.

You may have already ordered our free global wallplanner or our positive development stories PDF teaching resource. I know that these have been really popular with schools this year. I think it would be good to start reflecting on this topic a bit more deeply together. As a starting point, I am leading some free online training over the Autumn term called Positive development stories for your classroom.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there, and we can continue this conversation together! Here are the dates and booking links:

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