SMSC For School Improvement: Developing Schools Through Global Learning

24 November 2017, London

The course will enable teachers to use a range of global learning resources and pedagogy to support the development of SMSC at both classroom and whole school level. It will improve teachers confidence in linking global learning activities to SMSC development and evidencing the impact of this. It will support teachers to create a vision of what global learning should be for their individual school context.

This is a one day course in London (SE1) aimed at KS2 and KS3

The course trainer is Catherine Richardson who is a Programme Manager at Think Global. Find out more about Catherine.

Find out more about the course and register on theĀ GLP website

Catherine RicharsonThink Global

24 November 2017 10:00am - 24 November 2017 4:00pm

Think Global
32-36 Loman Street
London SE1 0EH