Danish teachers

Danish teachers take part in Think Global training

Fourteen Danish high school teachers are returning to Denmark today following a workshop on ‘Developing a Global Learning School’ by the Think Global team.

The inter-active training covered:

  • The concepts of global learning, and what makes a good global learning school.
  • Theories of development – and how to use them in the classroom.
  • Think Global’s Global Learning Guidelines.
  • Resourcing global learning activities, and how to get the most out of the Global Dimension website
  • The ‘Whole School’ approach.

Monika Kruesmann, Head of Programmes at Think Global, commented:

“Although Think Global undertakes a lot of training for teachers here in the UK, this is one of the first occasions where we’ve received a training visit from teachers from another European country.  It was a great experience for us – to hear about the similarities and differences with the Danish education system, and to look at how global learning can be applied in different contexts.”

As for the experience of the Danish teachers?  The feedback speaks for itself:

“I will look at your resources as an inspiration to how I can work”

“I liked the structure, and the different speakers kept the session dynamic.  Lovely energy”

“I liked the inputs, and the way you created dialogue”

The teachers were part of a network in Denmark called ‘Global High Schools’.

For more information about training for teachers/schools either here in the UK or abroad, please email info[at] Think Global training is available in either face-to-face or online formats.

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